Barnett Fitness is designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals through Online Personal training, group fitness Bootcamp and in person training (Louisville Ky).

Whether you have goal of just getting more active and shedding a few extra pounds, running a marathon, building muscle, or making a complete lifestyle transformation we want to help make it happen!


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100% Customized For You!


Feeling unmotivated doing the same workout routine all the time? Experience new customized workout routines sent directly to your phone to keep you motivated in the gym.


Our Online training allows you to learn how to do each exercise listed in your workout with a video tutorial on how the exercise is performed.

Affordable Training

Online training gives you the access to personal training at a fraction of what most personal training program would cost.


This is not some cookie cutter workout program you can copy out of a book or the internet. We will find out your goal, then figure out the best way to help you achieve this by providing customized routines. You will also have access the message directly with our trainers to help you reach success.

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Be held accountable to complete your workouts and cardio sessions. Checking in and tracking workouts allows trainers to hold clients to their assignments and make sure they are completed at the correct intensity.

Progress Tracking

Track your progress by adding body stats, and progress photos. Also allows you to track weights used during workouts and cardio stats. Set some Personal records! You will be able to look where you started and see your hard work and dedication paying off!


With being able to pull the app up anytime on your smartphone, our online training provides a convenient way stick to a workout routine.

Facebook page

Access to private facebook page, including training videos, nutrition tips, contests, and any extra training tips to get closer to your fitness goal.

Why Choose Barnett Fitness?

Being in the health and fitness industry it frustrates me to see people wanting to make a change in their life, get healthier, get in better shape but not have the tools and knowledge to succeed.

The majority of the time the unknown of what to do leads to minimal results, and quitting on doing something to better themselves. Barnett fitness is here to provide a blueprint plan and help you succeed reaching your goal.


Before using the app I was following the exact same workout plan every single week without progressing in weight at all, I was becoming bored and discouraged. Since i’ve been using the app, my body weight and body fat have dropped very quickly, my strength and endurance have gone up greatly, and I’m never bored thanks to the changing of routines and progressions.Matt Haynes
Being pregnant it’s hard for me to find motivation all the time to get to the gym after working all day. On days I train with Evan it’s no problem for me to get in a good workout. But now that I have the app it’s more motivating to go to the gym and makes it easier now that my workout is laid out step by step. I really do enjoy the app!Kayla Wathen
I love this program!! Evan’s personalization to my needs gave me what I need to see the changes I want. The tracking guide and feedback directly from him tells me exactly what I need to be doing.Jack Estes
I absolutely love Evan’s training app! It’s user friendly, and describes exactly what to do. I know from experience with Evan as my trainer I’m going to receive results and accomplish my goals that I couldn’t accomplish with previous workouts.Karen Keith
I came to Evan because I was becoming bored and unmotivated with the routine that I found online. I wanted someone to hold me accountable and change things up on me, and that’s exactly what using the app has done. I now look forward to seeing what my workout will be each day.Ashley Tomes

Our Prices

  • Basic Training

    Basic Package
  • $40per month
    • Online Training
    • Trainerize Account
    • 4 Week Program

    Results Package + Nutrition

    Our Most Popular Package!
  • $140$70per month
    • Online training
    • Trainerize Account
    • All Fitness Levels
    • Online Nutrition Plan
    • 4 Week CUSTOM Plan
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  • Results & Nutrition PLUS Package

    A Full Package Deal!
  • $100per month
    • Online Training
    • Trainerize Account
    • All Fitness Levels
    • Online Nutrition Plan
    • Weekly Consultation (Online)
    • Training Adjustments
    • 4 Week CUSTOM Plan
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